ASHP's live and on-demand webinars offer our state affiliates a spectrum of health-system pharmacy topics using quality streamline media, conferencing and Web presentation technology to bring you valuable and relevant information in the comfort of your practice-site, home or anywhere!

All times are in Eastern Savings/Daylight Time (EST/EDT).


Title Length Date Recorded Materials
The Current Opioid Crisis-A National Update 59:27 min
November 22, 2016 Handout
Delegate Election Process Review (New Platform) 50:34 min November 18, 2016 Handout
Revamp your Membership Marketing Strategies: Keep New Members Engaged -Develop Effective Onboarding Strategies 54:32 min October 26, 2016 Handout
ASHP/ACPE Pharmacy Technician Education and Training Program Update 60:23 min September 26, 2016 Slides
Pharmacy Technician Certification Board 63:27 min June 30, 2016 Slides
From A to Z-Making Sense of Social Media 51:26 min May 26, 2016 Slides
What do I need to know about the new Virtual ASHP House meetings and selecting delegates from my state 32:06 min April 20, 2016 Slides
Provider Status-Status on Federal Legislative Efforts 15:00 min March 6, 2016 Handout 1
Handout 2
Board of Directors: Their Legal Roles and Responsibilities 68:08 min February 22, 2016 Slides
Association Finances-A Primer 67:55 min January 26, 2016 Slides


Title Length Date Recorded Materials
PTCB Changes and Updates 58:51 min November 20, 2013  
Staying Ahead of Trends That Will Shape the Future: Role of State Societies 63:05 min June 27, 2013  


Title Length Date Recorded Materials
State Affiliate Benchmarking Survey Summary-2011 49:19 min December 15, 2011  



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