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ASHP Early YearsPrior to the 1920s, hospital pharmacy was not a strong, well-organized component of the profession. By 1936, a subsection of hospital pharmacists was formed in the American Pharmaceutical Association (APHA), and for the first time, hospital pharmacists had a voice in a national organization. In 1942, hospital pharmacists established the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists, affiliated with APhA. In 1947, ASHP and APhA jointly established a hospital pharmacy division with permanent staffing. Since then, ASHP has progressed from 153 charter members to 40,000 today.

History of ASHP


Special Occasion: Mirror to Hospital Pharmacy

In commemoration of its 50th anniversary, the Mirror to Hospital Pharmacy—a report of a landmark survey of hospital pharmacy in the late 1950s—is now freely available online. The Mirror is historically important as a comprehensive study of the status of hospital pharmacy in the United States and as a record of ambitious goals for the development of hospital pharmacy.

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This is a small sample of photographs from the Donald E. Francke Memorial Library (DEFML) Photo Collection. For additional questions on specific photographs or interest in using photographs in personal works please contact the DEFML Archives. 


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